Fishing, Death Valley

Piniata, Dead Sea, Jordan

Say Hi, Iceland 

New Horizon, Jordan

Play together

Play together, Iceland 2017

The Kiss, North Sea 2017

Walk with Crocodile, Jordan

Bad Minton, Iceland 2017

The way out of loneliness is not always easy.

It is a process and it takes time and patience to let go, to learn to trust again, to start over.

My new series ‘Alone no more’ began in March 2017 on Sylt, Germany, continues through Iceland and is still ongoing. The protagonists are at first alone, then they get to know each other and, they learn to share and enjoy life together.

I dedicate this Series especially to my Family, my Husband and my Son, then to all couples who have found each other after a difficult time in their lives and, not least, to all those who are still searching.

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