In my ongoing Series ,,Playing Games'' I take a surreal approach to landscapes by staging playful scenes across open, timeless terrain. 

Often, my characters, dwarfed by their surrounds, can be seen fisching in Death Valley , leafing through a 32-year-old Romanian newspaper in the blazing desert sun, playing tennis on the meadow in Iceland, golfing in Monument Valley , sledging on salt crystals of the dead sea, or walking puffed up crocodiles in famous Wadi Rum.
Disguised as Superman, astronauts, divers, cheerleader, or dressed in traditional Korean clothes, my little figures are always ready to win the hearts of the beholder and highlight nature as an unbelievably beautiful backdrop through their humorous scenes.
My goal is to show the viewer the beauty of nature and to put a smile on the faces of my audience through the humorous and colorful staging.
It should simultaneously be a reminder and a wake-up call for us to deal with our planet (which we so often take for granted), lovingly and responsibly so that the next generations can also enjoy its beauty.

Superman with Camels,Wadi Rum

Fishing, Death Valley

Golf,Monument Valley

Golf,Monument 2

Walk with Crocodile, Jordan

Piniata, Dead Sea, Jordan

Superheroes,Wadi Rum

Reading Newspaper, Wadi Rum

Rosa Beach, Iceland

Say Hi, Iceland 

Cheerleaders Mickeys, Kapadokia,Türkey 2020

The Kiss, North Sea 2017

Play together

Play together, Iceland 2017

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