I was born and raise in Bucharest, Romania, at that time a communist country.

My exposure to foreign art,  literature, music or movies was a severely limited one, due the oppressive and authoritarian nature of the communist regime.

The state would vigorously go against those who would consume or distribute any kind of media that did not primarily serve the praising of communist ideology.

Traveling into countries that did not share the same communist agenda as Romania, was strictly forbidden.

With a generation growing up isolated from any form of outside influences, one could only dream about what the rest of the world had to offer.

I can remember that one of my biggest desire was to travel and explore the kind of culture that was so desperately suppressed by my own.

This dream ended up becoming reality which i am using as a fundament of my series “Playing Games” blending the beauty of nature with surreal motives.

Started in 2017, this series is built upon my endless gratitude towards the freedom i have been gifted, and as a reminder that locations like the one’s displayed in my works, as fantastical as they may seem, do exist and are to be preserved for generations to come.

Disguised as Superman, astronauts, divers, cheerleader, or dressed in traditional Korean clothes, my little figures who decorate the landscape, are always ready to win the hearts of the viewer , highlight nature as an unbelievably beautiful backdrop.

 All images from this series, were taken in nature while traveling through Iceland, USA, Jordan and Turkey.

All props & costumes have been bought in Germany and were carried to the shooting locations. 

The protagonists are real and not inserted with photoshop. .

Superman with Camels,Wadi Rum

Fishing, Death Valley

Golf,Monument Valley

Walk with Crocodile, Jordan

Drummer,Salton Sea

Piniata, Dead Sea, Jordan

Superheroes,Wadi Rum

Reading Newspaper, Wadi Rum

Rosa Beach, Iceland

Say Hi, Iceland 

Carry on, Monument 

Cheerleaders Mickeys, Kapadokia,Türkey 2020

The Kiss, North Sea 2017

Play together

Play together, Iceland 2017

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