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Playing Games

Around the World

I was born in Romania, where I spent my childhood and teenage years until I was nineteen.

My exposure to foreign art, literature, music or cinema was a severely limited one, due the oppressive and authoritarian nature of the communist regime.

Traveling outside the country was also strictly forbidden and I remember that one of my biggest desire at that time was to have the freedom to travel the world and explore new horizons outside our border. This dream ended up becaming reality, when 1989 the romanian party leader was overthrown and not only for me but for all the people inside the country a new chapter began. I menage to leave Romania, and move to Germany where I settled since.

 My photography journey began in 2010 and my work was mainly composed of staged portraits, but as me and my husband started traveling more often,I fell in love with the beauty of nature, which led my focus slowly shifting over the years.

As a by product of this transformation, in 2017 I began the photo Series ,,Playing Games Around The World''. Started in Iceland, continued through the USA, Jordan, Turkey, this series is a display of my endless gratitude for the freedom that I own now. A freedom that enables me to discover a world hidden from me for so many years.

In this breathtaking environments i love to stage little scenes with colorful small figures acting and playing funny games together.

Disguised as Superman, astronauts, divers, cheerleader, or dressed in traditional Korean clothes, my little characters who decorate the landscape, are always ready to win the hearts of the viewers, highlighting nature as an unbelievably beautiful backdrop. 


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